Anarchistische Anti-deportatie Groep Utrecht

AAGU: "Actions against builder of new family prison Kamp Zeist"

English translation of: AAGU: "Acties tegen bouwer nieuwe gezinsgevangenis Kamp Zeist"

Utrecht, Februari 19 2015 - Until coming Monday companies can still sign up for the competition of the tender for the construction of the new closed family facility for refugees at Kamp Zeist in Soesterberg. The Anarchist Anti-deportation Group Utrecht is announcing a 'naming and shaming' campaign towards the company that will realize this project.

A spokesperson of the AAGU states: "The incarceration and deportation of refugees must be stopped. We shall not be silent spectators to a new prison, who will be purposely built and used for the deportation of refugee families. Companies who consider to make a profit on the cooperation with the scandalous practices of the Dutch government can count on actions."

Secretary of state Teeven announced earlier that the permanent location would be taken in use in March. From the tender in can be seen that the plans are suffering huge delays. The design phase of the project is currently set for the period May-July, the delivery of the prison is now set in December.
Till then the current temporary location, that was taken into service in great hast last October, will be used. Video-recordings, made by AAGU activists on October 22nd 2014 from the 16 ft high wall surrounding the facility, show that there is nothing describing a 'child-friendly' atmosphere.
Six wooden structures, called 'chalets', but barely more then a construction trailer without wheels and with few windows, placed on concrete slabs , surrounded by a prison fence fitted with electric wires and cameras. Behind this a 16ft high wall. Also fitted with electric wires. The top part of the wall is adorned with a green-leaf wallpaper of some sort, to create the illusion of a lush green environment.

From the guidance of the tender it can be seen that the permanent location will also be placed within the 16ft high walls surrounding the detention center. Every illusion of 'child-friendly' seems to be abandoned.
For AAGU it is clear that refugees should not be imprisoned. There is nothing friendly about any prison. People who have abandoned their homes, surroundings and families on the run for war, violence, famine, poverty, exploitation and/or repression, should be welcomed wholeheartedly.
It's the rich western countries, driven by greed and selfishness, that are for a large part responsible for the reasons why people are running. The activists will continue to support the abolishment of borders, the abolishment of nations and the downfall of capitalism, that forms the basis of so much grieve in he world it forces people to run.