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Construction company De Vries en Verburg will build the new family-prison at Kamp Zeist

English translation of: Bouwbedrijf De Vries en Verburg gaat nieuwe gezinsgevangenis Kamp Zeist bouwen

Last week the city council of Zeist published the application for an environment permit by the Stolwijk based construction company De Vries en Verburg, showing us that this company is in fact going to build the new prison for entire refugee families on the compound of Kamp Zeist. The entire building operation will cost well over 4,3 million Euro.


According to the paperwork accompanying the application (see photo's) the surface area of the new prison will be 3790 m2 (37350,77 ft2). It will consist of a so-called Multi-functional building (MfB) and a living unit.
"The MfB will be build adjacent to the existing detention building (building 52)". It consists of two stories, with plans to build a third story on top on a later point in time. One of the wings of the MfB will be used to house 10 people, probably 'Alleenstaande Minderjarige Vreemdelingen (AMV's)', single juvenile aliens. Besides them the MfB will also house a "prayer center, a silence center, a gymnasium, (medical) treatment rooms and offices."

The living unit will contrive of 6 buildings , every building will consist two 'houses', as the prisons are called euphemistically in the application. The houses will be approximately 110 m2 (1184,03 ft2) and are suited for 6 persons according to the application. They will be placed around a "central space (field)."

The location of the family-prison will be in accordance with the public tender (pdf) within the 5m (16ft) high wall surrounding the detention center and the current, temporary, family-prison (see photo). The delivery is scheduled for December 2015.

The tender of this project to De Vries en Verburg is till this day not published by the Dutch government. It appears that they are willingly withholding information, like what happened when they didn't publish the name of the construction company who acquired the tender for the construction of the Justitieel Complex at Schiphol airport. Thanks to the loose lips of an executive BAM it came out that this company was burdened with this tainted tender.

De Vries en Verburg

In this intance the chosen company is De Vries en Verburg, situated on 't Vaarland 8 in Stolwijk, it's a part of the Burgland Groep. At De Vries en Verburg there are currently working around a 170 people, the revenue is approximately 150 million Euro . Last year the company won the Cobouw Award for 'best preforming builder'.
De Vries en Verburg has in it's history also done construction work at the former detention center in Alphen aan den Rijn, that currently is used as a 'normal' prison. He company also renovated the so-called 'White Tower', a piece of the building complex in use by the Police of Rotterdam Rijnmond, near the A20 near Rotterdam.

With respect to the environment permit application with the city council of Zeist, Bas stuij was acting as the authorized representative of De Vries en Verburg (see photo). As plan-developer Stuij is part of the companies board of directors. He proclaims that "stimulating sustainability and socially responsible initiatives (MVO)'are one of his specialties".
The Burgland Groep, a collaboration of different construction companies, is fencing with social awareness anyway, claiming "with attention to the dividing of wealth in our world". For this purpose it even found it's own Foundation Burgland Charitas, which focuses "contributing to the abolishment of poverty in the world and promoting a sustainable development in third world countries".
This involvement is almost impossible to take seriously whilst building a prison for entire families of refugees, who's stories not seldom are the result of global inequality of wealth.

Municipality Zeist t

With the municipal of Zeist, represented by Yno Hoekstra (head of the corporate staff) and Danielle van Wageningen (former city-planner), is agreed that the environmental permit application for the construction of the new prison, would be handled confidential (see photo). In the publishment concerning the permit, made by the municipality Zeist it reads: "due to confidentiality, the application is limited public, unless you have clearance by the owner."
This isn't the first time something like this happened. In December of 2008, the public inspection of a construction permit for a new fence enclosing Kamp Zeist, was denied completely by the municipality of Zeist. In 2009 Peter Nieser from the office of spacial development wrote, in accordance to a formal written request for inspection: "The reason to keep these applications closed is that the publishing of these applications might form a threat to the national security."
Besides this, the municipality of Zeist is showing to be a willing compliant of the outrageous detention policy of refugees, including children. In the 'regular' detention center at Kamp Zeist, children were also detained in the past. Although the mayor of Zeist, Koos Janssen (CDA) did speak out against the detention of children, he never actually took any action to stop this practice. The same can be said about the Zeist city council, where former alderman Joke Leenders (GroenLinks) in Februari 2007 with a vast majority passed the plans of new to build, yet never realized, detention center. AAGU occupied the council chamber, during the crucial council meeting, something that was later repeated with the also very compliant municipal of Soest.

Action against the construction

In combination of the planned placing of new prison fence, with electrical wire and with motion sensors around the site, with the construction plans of the new to build family-prison, the outlines of Kamp Zeist 2016 are becoming clear: a 'regular' detention center and family-prison within the 5m (16ft) high walls, around the walls a small strip of open terrain towards the main gate, the new fence ( see map). Another part of the compound will, ironically, be used as an asylum center for the time being.
The practice of ostracizing, detaining and deporting of refugees must come to an end. AAGU is focusing it's current campaign on the construction of the new prison, but calls out to everybody to resist, in anyway possible, the current migration policy and the associated practices for freedom of movement is every bodies right in a world without borders.
Earlier AAGU announced to take action against all companies involved in the construction of the new prison. Keep checking our website for action announcements and action reports.

Anarchist Anti-deportation Group Utrecht (AAGU) - July 2015