Anarchistische Anti-deportatie Groep Utrecht

22 november 2014: AAGU occupies wall around detention center Kamp Zeist

English translation of: AAGU bezet muur rond detentiecentrum Kamp Zeist

For the livestream footage, click here for part 1 and here for part 2


This morning at 7:00 am, a few dozen activists of the Anti-deportation Anarchist Group Utrecht (AAGU) stormed the grounds of Kamp Zeist (Richelleweg 13, Amersfoort) to carry out an occupation of the detention center wall. On the wall, they tried to get in touch with detained refugees. At the same time, some activists climbed the trees at the back of Kamp Zeist to do a banner drop.

The action can be viewed live on the Internet (pinknoise.puscii.nl). The action is part of a campaign of AAGU against the new 'Closed Family Provision' at Kamp Zeist.

Besides the longtime detention of refugees, just for deportation, refugee families are now also confined within the walls of Kamp Zeist. Under pressure from the international community, the Dutch government has put a so-called 'child-friendly' prison into use for families, and is trying to sell this as a humane measure. This is yet another sophisticated step towards acceptance of an aggressive and inhumane immigration policy, which only makes more and more victims.

According to the AAGU activists there is nothing friendly about any prison whatsoever. Being locked up within the high walls of Kamp Zeist is equally harmful for anyone. People who leave their homes, fleeing war, violence, hunger, poverty, exploitation and/or suppression should be able to count on a warm welcome.
Last weekend activists were startled by the deportation of the family Karabulut to Turkey. The parents, two political activists in Turkey who fear persecution, imprisonment and torture, and their two children had previously spent some time in the new family prison.

It is the rich West, driven by selfishness and greed, which is responsible for an important part of the cause of the reasons why people flee. The activists will continue to promote open borders, abolishment of states and an end to capitalism, which is at the basis of so much misery in a world that forces people to flee. A new prison, cast in which pseudo-human form whatsoever, is in complete contradiction with this endeavor.
It is significant that State Secretary Teeven indicated last week that the government has no money to perform a 'bed bath and bread'-arrangement for asylum procedure failed refugees, but it can afford to pay for a new prison. According to the plans of the government, the current temporary family prison should be replaced next spring by a permanent version.

The activists want an end to detention, expulsion and deportation of refugees. AAGU has been campaigning for years against the 'regular' detention center at Kamp Zeist. Since the announcement of a family prison AAGU has launched a new campaign against this very harmful plans. Deployment of the AAGU resistance is freedom of movement for all.

Updates during the action:

Update 7:27 pm: Six people are on the wall at Kamp Zeist and having contact with detained refugees.

Update 7:56 pm: A lot of contact with the detained refugees. Activists on wall let the police know they will not leave voluntarily.

Update 8:03 pm: Guards are moving towards the refugees who are in contact with the activists.

Update 8:14 pm: Clear images of desolate 'child friendly' jail for refugee families via the livestream of Pink Noise. Activists are throwing chocolate to the detained children, guards take it off them immediately.

Update 8:38 pm: At the back of Kamp Zeist are two people in the trees with a banner, visible to people inside the high walls. A group of activists is with them. State Troopers arrive.

Update 8:49 pm: According to P2000 notifications the police calls BraTra, a special unit often used to remove activists.

Update 8:56 pm: The "green surroundings" of the family prison turns out to be a sort of wallpaper-motif of leaves which is pasted on the wall.

Update 9:10 pm: People on the wall spotted the Intern Enforcement Team (IBT), the fighting-team of the guards. It's not clear what they are up to.

Update 10:00 pm: BraTra arrives at Kamp Zeist. Livestream is unfortunately down, people are working on it.

Update 10:15 pm: The detained refugees, many from Afghanistan, still tell their stories to activists on the wall. Police announced to retrieve the activists.

Update 10:24 pm: Arrestees bus arrives at the wall, yet no further action against the people on the wall.

Update 10:37 pm: Livestream up again. Activists are taken of the wall and dragged away by BraTra.

Update 11:15 pm: For unknown reasons, someone is arrested outside the Kamp Zeist terrain. A lot of police presence.

Update 12:10 pm: The remaining activists leave from Kamp Zeist. Successful action that has shown how refugee families are trapped in Kamp Zeist. Children told how they were held and deported in the middle of the night. Resistance against detention and deportation continues.

Update 17.00: The seven people arrested are free again, partly with a punishment for trespassing. Refugee families are still detained, pending deportation.